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We are proud to offer a diverse coaching staff, with multiple black belt instruvtors coaching daily.


Head Coach






Black Belt 1st Degree under David Juliano Lemes

Black Belt Competitions

IBJJF Madrid Nogi International Open- Gold

IBJJF Budapest Nogi International Open- Gold

IBJJF Poznan International Open- Gold

IBJJF Budapest International Open- Silver


F2W Texas State Championships- Gold

FIVE Grappling Texas- Gold

AGF Houston- Gold

Tournament of Champions- Silver

Texas Submission Grappling Challenge- Silver

Grab and Pull Scottish Nogi Championship- Silver

NAGA San Diego- Bronze

I am Ben, head coach of CVA Jiu-Jitsu. 

In over 13 years of studying Jiu-Jitsu, I have lived in the USA and Brazil, where I was fortunate to train with BJJ World Champions, as well as multiple UFC athletes, and have competed across different countries, with Gold medals at black belt level.

My true passion, however, lies with teaching, and I am privileged to run a high quality academy in my home city, Edinburgh.

I believe that learning Jiu-Jitsu should be a fun and challenging activity, and as such, I strive to create a relaxed, yet dynamic environment for my students. I encourage everyone to enjoy their Jiu-Jitsu journey, while challenging themselves to gain a strong understanding and knowledge of the skills and concepts that can make them safe on the street, and a champion in the arena.

If you're nervous to take that first step and try a class, but find the courage to do so- I am confident that you'll be extremely glad that you did within your first minute at our school.

Hope to meet you there soon.


Laurence has been training

for 12 years, recieveing his

black belt in Feb 2021 from

Luiz 'Manxinha' Ribeiro. 

Laurence had spent his entire

time training at London Fight

Factory, before moving to 

Edinburgh, where he now 

coaches our popular 7am

classes every Mon, Wed & Fri.




Coach Dylan is a well rounded black belt, who has trained for years between his home in Oklahoma, USA as well as his adopted home of Edinburgh. With a wealth of competition experience, he is a respected coach who runs most of our late morning classes.


Brown belt David has over a decade of experience on the mat. As an avid attendee of training camps all over Europe, he is constantly bringing new ideas into his classes. These are the Friday evening and Saturday morning gi classes. 


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