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Head Professor Ben Fletcher is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under renowned Prof. David Juliano Lemes. He is a seasoned competitor and has trained and competed globally. An Edinburgh native, Ben decided that in 2016, after spending years living in the USA and Brazil, the time was right for him to return home and begin teaching the martial art that he is so passionate about.


In 2009, Ben began his martial arts journey by training in Muay Thai and Boxing. Then, in early 2011 he incorporated BJJ into his training, originally focusing on No-Gi Jiu Jitsu, with some sporadic training in the Gi. In 2012, Ben moved to Houston, TX. During this time, he began to focus much more on training with Gi, and was awarded his Blue Belt by Prof. Darren McCall in July 2012. In mid 2013, he moved to The Woodlands, TX where he began training under Prof. Alex Gotay, and current UFC fighter Prof. Alex Morono. Ben remained there until he received his Purple Belt in July 2014. Upon receiving his Purple Belt, Ben decided to follow his passion to Brazil, the homeland of BJJ. He travelled to São José Dos Campos, SP and began training at the Calasans Academy with world class BJJ athletes such as Vitor 'Gigante' Toledo, Renan Sancar, IBJJF & ADCC world champion Claudio Calasans Jr, and eventual mentor David Juliano Lemes. After training with David at the Calasans Academy, Ben decided to begin cross training at David's DJ Team Academy. After two years of training in Brazil, Ben was awarded his Brown Belt in July 2016. When Ben and his Brazilian wife decided to move their life back to his hometown of Edinburgh shortly thereafter, Prof. David encouraged Ben to begin teaching and spreading the art of BJJ, and suggested he start a club under the DJ Team banner. This was what led Ben to open the Coração Valente Academy, bringing authentic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu learned in the homeland of BJJ to Edinburgh. During the two years which followed the opening of CVA Jiu-Jitsu, Ben travelled to Brazil multiple times,and brought many high level BJJ athletes to Scotland to train, then in August 2018, during one of David Juliano's visits to Edinburgh, Ben was awarded his black belt.

Since being awarded the rank of black belt, Ben has been able to successfully win multiple IBJJF gold medals, competing across Europe and in the USA, as well as making multiple trips to California to train with our team's friends at Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, and the Nick Diaz Academy.


"Ever since I started training, my dream has been to open an academy. Having had the opportunity to train with top level athletes, and learn from some amazing coaches in the USA and Brazil, I feel like I am now in a strong position to begin building my team. It is an honour to be able to bring the things I've learned from around the world back to my home city. I am extremely excited about the opportunity to share my passion with people, passing on the knowledge I've aquired to build a strong team, and most importantly, making a positive impact in people's lives. Contact us, and become a part of the CVA Jiu-Jitsu family!" 

Black Belt under David Juliano Lemes

Black Belt Competitions

IBJJF Budapest International Open Champion

IBJJF Poznan International Open Champion


F2W Texas State Championships- Gold

FIVE Grappling Texas- Gold

AGF Houston- Gold

Tournament of Champions- Silver

Texas Submission Grappling Challenge- Silver

Grab and Pull Scottish Nogi Championship- Silver

NAGA San Diego- Bronze

Lene Oliveira Fletcher

Assistant Kids Coach

Scottish Cup Champion

Brazilian Superfight Winner

IBJJF Budapest Gold

IBJJF Poznan Silver

Lorenzo Parente

Assistant Kids Coach

2x West of Scotland Champion

Scottish Cup Champion

Edinburgh Open Champion

Forza Junior MMA Champion

Jan Tatarynowicz

Assistant Kids Coach

UKBJJA British Champion

ADCC British Champion

BJJ 247 Scottish Champion

IBJJF Irish Nationals Champion

IBJJF Berlin Gold

IBJJF Budapest Gold

IBJJF Poznan Silver

IBJJF Dublin Silver

IBJJF Amsterdam Silver


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United Kingdom

EH16 4BB


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